76 and Frustrated

I’d heard negative things about the Grizzly Hills – like it was boring to quest through, repetitive, and so on. Sometimes you shouldn’t listen to what people say; I enjoyed it, and the level and a half I spent there was the most enjoyable I’ve had in Northrend.

Zul’Drak, on the other hand, sucks some righteous ass. I hit my goal – level 76 – and instantaneously stoned back to an inn and logged off, although I’d admittedly logged a few hours by that point. The place has, I think, the highest concentration of frustrating quests in a short span of time in the entire game.

There’s a couple of neat quests in there as well, to be sure, but not as many (so far) as in Grizzly hills, and I found the sequence where you have to repeatedly port up to a floating fortress and run missions, in disguise, for some Scourge Troll warlord to be absolutely maddening.

I also took LotRO for a short spin today, playing for about two hours and getting a new character, a Dwarven Champion, up to level 7. In WoW, at least until I have a character at the cap, I am content to rush; LotRO functions best at a measured, if not casual, pace. I actually wanted to try the Rune-Keeper, but my original account, which was the one that has free time right now, was never upgraded to Mines of Moria, so that was out.

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7 responses to “76 and Frustrated

  1. I hated Zul’Drak but if Im honest the Grizzly Hills wasnt a strong point for me either. Grizzly Hills has a few nice little questlines but over all I felt the zone design seemed quite rushed and tacked on.

  2. Zul’Drak’s quests were frustrating to no end. The end of the Troll quest line was so frustrating that I logged off after dying 4 times. Note to Blizz: your vehicle controls are crap. Stop making me use them.

  3. I have to agree with you about Zul’Drak. I was trying for the Loremaster achievement in Northrend so I was playing through every zone on my main character. When I got to Zul’Drak, I literally quit the game for a month. There is plenty of other good stuff out there like Sholazar Basin and Storm Peaks, though, so keep at it.

  4. ZD is a polarizing zone. I know people who feel just as you do. I happen to feel the opposite — I think the quest progression and unifying story of the zone are outstanding, and I love the way the questing leads you from hub to hub with phasing to advance the story.

    Different strokes, I guess.

  5. Give Sholazar Basin a try. At 76 all the quests should be available to you. You’ll need flight, however, to do some of the chains — and I think that’s the case after that as well (Storm Peaks and Icecrown).

    Also if you’re leveling as a Ret paladin try to get the new Arena quest done in Zul’Drak, that two-hander will serve you nicely for quite a while. Plus it’s a lot of gold and experience to boot.

  6. Sholazar is much better than ZD, and the quests are really well linked. I could never make it through ZD, I started to go there for the Argent rep and eventually decided the tabard was much easier than that hideous place.