Catacylsm Breakdown

Okay, so the rundown of changes and additions in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, for those who don’t know already:

  • Level cap raised to 85. It would only surprise me a little if this opens the door to Blizzard bumping the level cap in inter-expansion patches. I’m still thinking that one through.
  • New races are confirmed to be Worgen and Goblins. The starting zone for Worgen will be Gilneas, for Goblins it’ll the the Lost Isles. Each zone will likely be 1-15.
  • No new talents, but 5 more talent points, and the talent trees will be reworked. There will also be a non-class-dependent advanced progression called ‘Path of the Titans’. I don’t know much about this yet.
  • New Secondary Profession is Archaeology.
  • New race/class conbinations. The new breakdown seems to give each race two or three classes it can’t take, Gnomes getting boned with four.
  • Three new Battlegrounds. Holy cow. I wonder if they won’t retire one or two of the older ones.
  • A complete revamp of old world Azeroth. Some zones will only be changed a little, while others will be altered radically. The new Azeroth will be the one in the game regardless of whether you get the expansion or not. A bunch of the voids in the current old world (Mount Hyjal, Grim Batol) will be filled by the revamp.
  • Zones will also be revamped to allow for cleaner (and faster) level progression. This means there should be a lot less zone-hopping in the 40-60 level range.
  • Flying mounts in Azeroth is confirmed. Very exciting.
  • There’ll be a new “Wintergrasp-like” zone called Tol Barad. I expect this to run on a different server than the main world, to avoid Wintergrasp-like problems with server-wide lag, so you’ll probably have to portal there.
  • There’ll be a couple of entirely new zones as well, including an undersea zone.
  • Guild Levels and achievements. This opens the door to Guild Halls as well, which WoW feels the lack of in my opinion.

2 responses to “Catacylsm Breakdown

  1. I don’t expect a mid-expansion level cap hike, because that would cause problems without the leveling content to support it. You can’t patch in a cap increase without new leveling content, as players will be pissed if they used up the solo content and have to do dailies to level. You can’t patch in a single new zone for 85-86, every mob in the zone would be camped. Once you start talking multiple zones, you’re talking paid expansion.

    If they do end up with spare time, we might see the expansion after Cataclysm far sooner than usual (probably sometime in 2011, if Cataclysm can hit by summer 2010).