Cryptic Apologizes, Beta Servers Still Up Tomorrow

First off, HERE is a Cryptic rep apologizing for the limited lifetime subs thing. The crying has not lessened, but I expect in a few days it’ll all blow over, as such things usually do. I wouldn’t be surprised if some small allowance is made in the next day or two, just to shut the loudest complainers up. Massaged correctly, Cryptic could come out of this looking better than you might think.

Also, apparently the servers will be up for while tomorrow as well. No real details on that, exactly what times we can expect, etc. Personally I’m still fooling around in the start area and trying new combinations of powers, but I’m waiting until the game launches to go any farther than that.


3 responses to “Cryptic Apologizes, Beta Servers Still Up Tomorrow

  1. I think that the whole situation, like most MMO drama, is being overblown and even some of the people saying today that they’ll stay away due to this will eventually relent if the game proves to be otherwise solid and successful.

  2. I was one of those that was on the fence — though the best I would have done was the six month plan. Oh well, I knew (they said as much) that it was a limited time offer and missed it, my bad.

    I’m with you, in that I think that the majority of those crying about not being able to get in on the offer will be in game and playing (and paying) before the first month is out.