Loads of Star Wars: The Old Republic Footage

IGN has four videos of gameplay footage from Star Wars: The Old Republic, which together give you probably 18 minutes of actual play in-game.

HERE is the link to Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s page containing all four videos.

What I see here is WoW-style static, hotbutton/global cooldown-driven combat, and cinematic storyline stuff reminiscent of Bioware’s own Mass Effect and older games. It all looks well-done for what it is, but it certainly doesn’t look earthshaking. What I’d like to see and hear more about is how all this works in the massive environment, and how characters develop over time in play, and that’s something Bioware hasn’t talked much about yet.

I have to admit that the lightsaber duels look fairly kickass, though I have some reservations about yet another entry into the MMO with this style of combat. It’s early yet, and there time left (and room enough above and beyond what we know already,) for SW:TOR to distinguish itself; let’s hope it does.


One response to “Loads of Star Wars: The Old Republic Footage

  1. Tobold had a post about SW:TOR after they initially announced that went something like:

    Hope for: Truly interactive, dynamic missions
    Expect: Kill 10 womp rats and come back to me

    And went on for 3 or 4 more “hope for vs expect” thingies. I couldn’t find anything to disagree with in his post then, and this gameplay video doesn’t exactly inspire any revisions to that line of thought.

    That said, the Sith Warrior’s animations do look really nice, and I’m enough of a SW geek to pick the game up at or near launch and give it a whirl, even if only for a month or 2. Heck, I played SWG for quite a while, and this looks a LOT better than that game. . . .