Champions Online Liftime Subs Go Back Up, Server Goes Down

Within about an hour of reinstating the offer of lifetime subscriptions and discounted 6-month subs, the Cryptic account server bit the dust. They say it’ll be back up tomorrow. Again, LINK.

The page is also allegedly working better under IE than Under Firefox, which is weird… I used Firefox to do my own business there a couple of days ago and everything worked just fine.

3 responses to “Champions Online Liftime Subs Go Back Up, Server Goes Down

  1. Nothing like artificial limited quantities to drive the demand of a product. I think this was a brilliant move to make people think they will never offer this again.

  2. They ran out of a product that has not limit to it. How else are you supposed to take that. They created an artificial limit to build hype. Our game is so popular we ran out of discounted subscriptions. They never mentioned how many they had in the first place.

    I am going to play the game and I enjoyed beta very much. But to think this is an act of good will is wrong.