Questions on the Video Front

So I’d like to do some videos, starting with one (or more) for Champions Online, but I’m having a problem. I need something that will do video capture, without causing system performance to take a total dump.

I have typically used Xfire for this in the past, but there’s two problems with it: it doesn’t recognize Champions Online, and it probably won’t, judging from past experience with WAR, until several days after launch. As far as I can tell you can’t manually enable it.

Also, while Xfire video capture worked very well in Vanguard, causing only a slight performance hit, in every other thing I’ve tried to use it in, including WAR, WoW, and even Audiosurf, the performance hit has been huge. Half a frame per second huge, in some cases, and in no cases actually playable, let alone worth making a video of. I’ve tried everything I can think of to limit the performance hit, and while I did improve it somewhat, it’s still unusable.

Note that I have not yet tried it with Champions Online; it may work fine for all I know. But the greater number of games are rendered unplayable by it.

I’m aware that Fraps is the de facto standard for this kind of thing, and Fraps does work great, but the freeware version of Fraps is useless for anything but the most basic tests, and I frankly cannot afford the registered version right now.

This leaves me with an open-source alternative called Taksi, which I could flatly not get to work. At best the resulting files were unreadable by any means at my disposal, at worst it caused a client crash of the game in question.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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3 responses to “Questions on the Video Front

  1. Hmm when I stream my videogame playing, I use uhm..let me check… *one sec*

    It’s made by Hmelyoff labs, called VH Capture. Google it, but I use their screen capture mainly for streaming, and am not sure if it would work for just saving videos..

    ..hmm I’ll look some more. Good luck!

  2. I typically use WeGame which is free and uses a different codec than Fraps. On my system, at least, Fraps always hits my performance down to whatever framerate I told it to capture at. WeGame doesn’t do that to me.

    I’ve never tried Xfire’s video capture so I can’t make a comparison.

  3. Well, I tried WeGame, but it doesn’t support Champions, alas. It does work with WoW… better than Xfire, certainly. Couldn’t get it to work with WAR, for some reason, even though it allegedly supports it.