Champions Online Headstart

Something like 12 hours of Champions Online play occurred yesterday. In lieu of a point-by-point discussion of it right this minute, I’m working on a lengthy post and a video, but I will say that I’m still having fun.


There have been a few launch-day type problems; the server went down, briefly, a couple of times, and client performance seemed a bit more sluggish than it did in the open beta. Tweaking settings down fixed this, but I’d rather not – I like the way it looks at the reccomended settings. All in all, though, things seem pretty smooth so far.

3 responses to “Champions Online Headstart

  1. I think the head start worked mainly fine and lots of people playing. Overall I think it has been quite smooth.

    The Qularr invasion need to get its intentisty turned up a few steps though. When I fought them we were perhaps 15-20 people in Steelhead waiting for attacks. But the Qularr only came maybe 2-4 at a time, so they died pretty quick – if one had a charge power they were probably dead before it reached full charge.

  2. I agree, so far it’s been a smooth launch. Love the costume btw!

    I was fortunate to be around when an invasion happened, but you’re right, it was alot easier than I thought it would be. My only problem was the framerate took a mighty hit at that point.

  3. I’ve been playing a few days now since the headstart happened, and I’ve gotta say I’ve been really enjoying it. The lag has been pretty non existant as far as I’ve been concerned, especially compared to the last few days of closed beta, though it was fairly bad yesterday at around 5-6 pm (of course, after that I found that Aion was patching in the background, so it could have been that which was causing it.

    So far, I’ve played 4 characters, and the only real annoyance I’ve got at the moment relates to the respec system… not only have they limited what it can do, but because of a bug (or so they say) the prices are outrageously expensive at the moment, so you cant afford to respec, and when they bring the prices down, you’re going to have levelled so much, you wont be able to correct the mistakes, as the error would have went down the list. So now I’ve got to decide if a char I’ve invested about 4-5 hours play on is worth scrapping because of a problem I didn’t forsee until the middle of the 10’s level wise.