My Champions

I figure I’ve made about 30 characters so far, between Open Beta, Headstart, and the live game; many of those have been discarded. At this point I’ve settled on a ‘core’ four, and come up with rudimentary backgrounds for them. Years ago I used to do this for hours straight for Champions tabletop characters, so it was a snap this time.

Sunstrike is Daniel Olias, a graduate student in molecular genetics, who discovered an inexpensive screening process for mutants. When he tested it on himself, he found to his astonishment the he was himself a mutant, and this realization sparked the awakening of his latent power of thermonuclear fusion. With his friend and research partner Oliver Andrews, he developed a special suit which gave him a greater measure of control over his new-found abilities.

Titan is Brent Castleworth, heir to a fortune in manufacturing. He plowed it all into a suit of powered armor that he might join others in serving as a champion of justice. His twin sister Julia, who retained controlling interest in Castle Industries, stole his technology and remade herself as the archvillainess Invidia. He now lives in a ramshackle van on the fringes of society, vowing to take back what is rightfully his, and put it to noble use.

Black Jack Burnham
Black Jack Burnham was born in 1737, and hasn’t died yet. In that time he’s been a pioneer, a sharpshooter, a lawman, a fugitive and a little bit of a mad scientist besides. He’s fought Indians, Brits, Canadians, Germans and Koreans… and now this new stripe of bad guy they call “super.” But it’s all the same to him. His gadgets often look archaic while incorporating the latest technology.

Matterhorn is an Elemental, the might of the mountain, the raw and untamed power of Earth incarnate. He gained sentience during a botched magical ritual, and spent time under the tutelage of this dimension’s Supreme Sorcerer, who taught him much about the human concepts of mercy, justice and altruism. He isn’t sure he really understands any of that, but it seems like a good way to lead a life he never expected to have.


6 responses to “My Champions

  1. Dude… all very cool character ideas. Nicely done. I’ve yet to come up with a good background for my main Wolfenstein (one guess what he looks like, and no it’s not a Nazi). The look is fantastic, but I can’t think of a good background for him. In time… in time.

  2. the Quatermain-style Victorian Gentleman is quite popular due to the flintlocke guns power-replacer (well, it’s either that or a pirate-style hero, and tbh, who wants to ponce around like Orlando Bloom?)

  3. Quite nice characters!

    I tend to flesh out the bio after I have played the characters for a bit – often I have some vague idea at start. But after playing them for a while it gets easier to write something.

  4. Yes, very nice heroes. I always worry my heroes look to fake. Kind of like an old lady wearing too much make-up and jewelery. I’m sure my gunslinging, flame on, neon red guy, might be too extreme.