The End of Leveling

80The picture says it all. It took a while. Two years off and on with WoW and 261 hours and 25 minutes played on this character. This leveling rate will not impress some, I’m sure, but it’s rather a big deal to me – my first time hitting the level cap in any MMO – and at any rate it felt like it took a hell of a long time to me.

I noticed that, where I used to be pretty fixated on leveling and daily progress and such, it’s become less important since I got a character to within shooting distance of the final level. Right now I’m focusing on enjoying the experience more than anything else – less so in WoW, really, since I was pushing for it. I’m glad I got there, and equally glad it’s out of the way; now I don’t feel as much pressure. Not just in WoW, but elsewhere.

Alas that WoW will be expiring in less than two weeks. But them’s the breaks – the price I elected to pay to get a lifetime sub to Champions Online was to take a few months off from any other MMO I’d have to put money into. So I have Champions and DDO as my main titles right now, but I’ll likely fool around with some stuff at 80 in WoW while I can.

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8 responses to “The End of Leveling

  1. Many congratulations. For all the talk about how easy it is to level up in WoW, it does take some dedication. I took two characters to 70 in the prior expansion, but I could only get one to 80 no matter how much fun I was having. Glad to see you made it!

    Now come back to Champions. We need you!

  2. Congrats on lv80 Ardwulf, I remember when I first hit it after 2 years. Have quit WoW now (Maybe not permanently though) for EVE. But was levelling a lock to 80 too.

    Just wondering, Which do you play, EU or US, what server, and what’s your character name.

    Mine are EU, Burning Legion, Xeross



  3. Grats! I also don’t think WoW levelling is especially fast compared to other MMOs. Also, having bought BC and WotLK in preparation for our hunters and Death Knights once the former hit 55, both Mrs Bhagpuss and I have largely ignored those characters and are busy with more characters in the 20s. My Warlock just dinged 30 tonight.

  4. Congrats on 80, man.

    If you (or any commenters) are ever looking for a villian-bashing-partner in champions, look me up. @Stimpicus

  5. Grats on the 80, having started again as alliance im a lowly level 40 at the minute so as you can appreciate there is many hours of instances and quests ahead.

    I think after hitting 80 its good to have a complete break so you can decide exactly what way you want to play… ie casual in doing dailes, rep grinds and heroics or pushing yourself on to the raid scene