Back in New Eden

Even I sometimes forget that my very first MMO was EVE Online. It’s a title I have the highest respect for, but have, in my many repeat visits, traditionally had trouble finding fun in. In large measure this is due to my utter failure to land with a good, active, supportive corp… but then, I probably haven’t tried hard enough to find one.

I started a new EVE 14-day trial yesterday and have been playing it fairly obsessively since. I made a Gallente character, a race I have never tried, and whose ships I have never flown. The tutorial, and indeed character creation itself, are vastly different from what they were when I first tried the game over two years ago. It sure seems like you start out with far fewer skill points now, with no ability to choose where they go, and with balanced Attributes and no ability to customize them.


This last isn’t a bad thing, really – new characters now come with two free stat respecs, so you can adjust away after you’ve found your footing in the game – and anyway, it’s probably better in the long run (for me, anyway) to go with a reasonably balanced set of Attributes.

The dearth of skill points now is counterbalanced with an initial bonus to training speed and by the tutorial giving you a few free skill books. I like the structure of the turorial but I think the new skill setup feels kind of kludgy; but I suspect that new players won’t notice any problem with it.

I’ve also been watching the Alliance Tournament pretty avidly; there are a ton of videos on the CCP YouTube Channel along with plenty of play-by-play.

My visit to EVE may be short this time around, but I’m having fun and will be back sooner or later.

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One response to “Back in New Eden

  1. I’m just trying EVE for the first time now actually. To be honest, I’m somewhat glad they’re not throwing a glut of choices at me early on. As someone who’s never seen the game outside of YouTube, I’m finding the newbie experience more intimidating than I have in other games.

    Maybe a better option would have been to allow characters a choice of whether to use the pre-defined template or allow the player to decide.