A Fresh Start

So I decided, at least for the time being, to start fresh with a new character – I had an open slot. After thinking about it, the new guy is Minmatar as well – I like their ships the best of all the races. They’re not the easiest to fly, necessarily – the skill requirements for Minmatar ships are considered steeper than the average, when you get into Battlecruisers and the like – but I like the aesthetic, and I like the Minmatar background as well.

After examining my situation, I found that my old main is sitting on about 5.7 million skill points (not bad, but nothing earthshaking by any means) about 16 million ISK in cash and probably another 60 million in assets spread across a number of systems. If I stick with the new guy this will all have to be liquidated and the money moved; it’ll be a little bit before I’d be able to fly a couple of those ships, which include two cruisers and a Hurricane.


The new guy’s coming along. I got him through one of the three tutorial mission arcs this morning, and he’s sitting on a little bit on money and a Wreathe he can’t yet fly. But that’s okay – an Industrial won’t be neccessary for a while yet. By day’s end he should have all of the learning skills to rank 3, which is a nice start, and I should be able to outfit a Rifter by tomorrow.

My third character is the holder of a corp that I started way back in the early days. That corp isn’t doing anything right now and I have no plans for it, but I may as well keep it around in case something comes up.

As far as corps go, I think I’ll join up with a friendly bunch I know, sticking to Empire for the time being, and concentrating on mining and industry in some corner or another of Empire.

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2 responses to “A Fresh Start

  1. 6 million SP represents at least 4 months. Not a “ton” to lose, but still fairly sizable. Still and all, if it look like the “new guy” will go more in the direction you want, then by all means 😉

  2. Any reason you decided to just start over? I’ve started over at least 5 times in my EVE career so I know the feeling, just curious if your reasons were similar to mine 😀