Hooked Again

Another day’s gone by and I didn’t get much opportunity to play. But I did spend a few late-night hours in EVE. I’ve now completed two of the three tutorial mission arcs, got a bunndle more skillbooks for my trouble, and settled down to a little mining in a 0.8 system, complete with pirates to kill and salvage.

I have to admit that I’m thinking of resubscibing. I also have to admit that , while I have some desire to get an entirely fresh start in the game, it’d be smarter to do that on my old account, where I have a 6 million skill pioint characters (or thereabouts,) and some tens of millions of ISK in cash and assets laying about. Oddly, I don’t mind starting skills from the ground up… but the ISK would be nice to have.

Shuttle Flight

I’m not all that sure how the EVE Time Code thing worked before, but the new model, the PLEX (Pilot License Extension) is an actual in-game item that can be sold, traded or contracted out through the in-game marketplace. At current prices in my region, 30 days are going for about 280 millon ISK; obviously far more than I’ve got right now.

So it looks like the cash option is the way to go. Think I’ll stop by Half Price Books tomorrow with a box or two of stuff. It’s like crack, really.

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4 responses to “Hooked Again

  1. You mentioned previously that you might want enjoy EVE more with a good corporation at your side. I have some friends and directions you could head if you are interested. 🙂 Feel free to drop me a line anytime.

  2. I had some surprising luck mining in a 0.7 system: I lost my (I know it’s bad) Badger afk-mining (I was doing other things around the house) seeing my pod floating by my wrecked ship :(. Seeking some revenge I returned in my Punisher, I destroyed my 4 attackers (who were kind enough to stick around), and noticed that inside the wreck of a True Sansha, there was a “Low-Grade Slave Delta” implant worth 75 million ISK o.0!! I wanted to put up a sell order for it, but I couldn’t even cover the Tax and Broker Fees (would total 1.4M). So I’m holding on to it… for now. My mining and the odd mission is making me some decent ISK (I’ve got enough for a Retriever, just need the skills), and might spend it on an Apocalypse (or maybe go to a Hulk 🙂 ).

  3. Glad you’re back! Too bad I don’t have this character name and can’t give you the ISK for a Hurricane on this new account 😉

    GL with the book selling — it *is* like crack, sadly.