More From the Video Front

I’ve been looking for a while now to get into making videos for YouTube, inspired in large part by by the spectacularly good stuff put together by Brent over at A Wall of Text; his vids did more than anything else to get me all worked into a lather over Warhammer Online, but let’s not hold that against him. (I joke, Brent!)

Alas, the default video capture platform, FRAPS, is out of my reach at the moment; the freeware version is useless and I can’t drop the money on the pay version right now. So I’d been searching for other alternatives; Xfire was the obvious one, since I’d been using that anyway. But unfortunately Xfire’s video capture is a huge resource hog that slows every game down to a slideshow when it’s running – even WoW, with Vanguard being the sole bizzare exception.

Thanks to the suggestion of Scott at Pumping Irony, I discovered WeGame, which is very like Xfire except that its social networking tools aren’t as good and its video capture is way, way better. And it works well in EVE and in, as of the last couple of days, Champions Online.

I can’t get it to capture sound – it’s an issue in how it works with Vista – but I can live with that. My first real effort will be coming to you pretty shortly, assuming no snafus.


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