Video: The Titan of Caldari Prime

I’ve never seen a Titan in EVE before. I think I’d heard that there was one in Empire space. Yesterday I found out that it was in Lumiaire, a mere handful of jumps from my current location.

What better subject for a video? So here it is.

It’s reasonably crude and amateurish, and not necessarily indicative of the type of videos I’d like to do in the future, but I think it came together pretty nicely. Windows Movie Maker is a pretty crude tool, but thankfully I have a few others at my disposal that helped out.

3 responses to “Video: The Titan of Caldari Prime

  1. I took my Dramiel on a hisec tourist trip a few months back and flew around that thing myself. It’s quite impressive. I can only imagine what it must be like to be in a fleet with one or many in 0.0.

    Someday….. someday. . . .

  2. nice vid :D, you should head out to 0.0 sometime to take a look at the first ever Titan built, and killed in Eve.

    Steve, the Avatar wreck 😀 it’s a neat site…been out there twice 😀