Aion Open Beta Now Actually Open

FilePanet is now opening the Aion “Open” Beta to everyone; get your keys while they last. I’m downloading the client now.

I’ll be sure to have something to say about it tonight or tomorrow; my expectations are very moderate.


One response to “Aion Open Beta Now Actually Open

  1. Its very pretty. Don’t underestimate ‘teh Pretty’.

    It has some nice quality of life elements in the quest department, and a well-marked “storyline” set of quests that do a pretty good job of giving me a feel for my place in this world.

    Did I mention it is ‘teh Pretty’? Even at fairly high settings it runs glass-smooth on my 2 year old PC.

    Yes, ultimately it IS a DIKU-style level-grind. If you’re looking for something new and innovative, you’ll be disappointed. If your looking for an interesting setting with much ‘teh Pretty’, this might just be your game.