World’s Shortest Aion Review



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  1. I like most of the stuff you write on your blog, but seriously, was this necessary? Chances are, you aren’t going to keep anyone from playing the game with this (whether that was your intention or not) and you’re only going to frustrate those who do enjoy it. I’m all for hearing reasons why you don’t like it i.e. lag, too similar, too linear, etc., but this just looks lazy and doesn’t do anything to help anyone interested in the game. It’s more like a forum post than a blog entry. I know, it’s your blog and you can post what you want, that seems to be the current concensus among bloggers now, right? That said, take an extra 3-5 minutes to give at least a brief explanation.

  2. I have conflicting emotions with this one.

    On one hand i thought it was really funny and it probably won’t sway anyone from trying Aion out.

    On the other hand, it’s not really a review and more like a statement of what you thought.

  3. Considering how much Ard writes about his multiple toons in WoW, it’s not difficult how he could see this as an inferior product. So the review makes sense to me. ::shrug::

  4. What I meant by my comment was, hey, if you jump from WoW into Aion, nothing new here at early levels. Same ktr quests, ect. The later levels have much more to offer, as well as a better crafting system then WoW. But its not different enough from WoW to sway anyone over imo.

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  7. You used one less word than British chess champion Anthony Miles used when reviewing a Eric Schiller book.

    “Utter crap”

    Two words are better than one!

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  9. Gee, so other people commenting say how much you like your WoW character’s huh? Well, i hope you have fun using the same recycled tier gear with your block 3-d character with terrible graphics. Oh not to mention a character in Aion looks cooler @ lvl 24 than an 80 in WoW. you’re a fucking douche bag fan boy if you think Aion is inferior to WoW, piss off.