Ready to Get Started

So my new character finished up the second and third tutorial arcs in the wee hours last night. It took me a couple of days longer to get settled in that I’d thought it would, but that’s okay. At this point I’m ready to go off and start doing my own thing.

At the end of the turorials all I had a Burst, two Wreathes he couldn’t fly, a Rifter and a Reaper (the rookie ship) sitting in my hangar. The Rifter, which I have named Knife of Midnight, is obviously going to be my workhorse fighting ship, and I don’t forsee getting out of it anytime soon. I’m going to do the moneymaking thing with the character: mining, industry and trade to start with. Once I get to where I’m flying mining barges I’ll start thinking about a second direction. That shouldn’t really take all that long.


I’ve also signed up for a corp, one run by some folks I know, following one of several leads. It ought to do for the time being, and if I eventually decide to leave for greener pastures, they’ll understand.

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