No Love For Industrial Mining

I mentioned already that the new EVE tutorials give you industrials; if you run through all three arcs you’ll wind up with two of them by the end. Of course, if you’re on a trial account you can’t actually train the skill to fly them, but that’s irrelevant to me at this point.

So I’ve been, throughout the day, taking one of those shiny new Wreathes (I sold the other one) out to mine whilst I line up a somewhat better mining ship. It’s good and bad. On the one hand, with its single high slot, I can only mount one mining laster, and filling up the cavernous hold takes forever. On the bright side, I can run EVE in windowed mode and do other stuff in the background, which is pretty much what I’ve been doing today.

The system I’m in is a bit thick with pilots, so I need to find a new and better base of operations, and soon, although I’ll want to move again – into a system where there’s rats – once I work up to cruisers.

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2 responses to “No Love For Industrial Mining

  1. If your going to do some mining to start off your Eve career take a look at the Scythe cruiser(since your flying Minmatar). It has a bonus to mining laser yield:) While your training up to the cruiser level check out the Burst frigate for a mining bonus in a frigate hull.

    Make sure you research the term “can flipping” first though/