Ardwulf Unplugged Episode 01: D&D Online

Along comes the first proper episode of the Ardwulf Unplugged minicast. I’m still finding my feet with the software I’m using and with the art of being recorded itself, although I think I managed to clear out most of the hemming and humming. This was a lot of fun to put together, and I plan to do more of them, but don’t necessarily expect them to come out on any set schedule.

Show Notes

  • Discussion of Dungeons & Dragons Online: Why the old subscription model was a bad fit, why the new free-to-play model should better serve the game and its audience, and a brief rundown of what DDO has to offer.
  • Certified rant-free.
  • Total Runtime: 4:48

As a quick addendum, Episode 00 is now also available on YouTube, HERE, for anyone who’s curious; there’s very little to it, as it was just a test, but I figured I’d keep them all in one place. My YouTube channel is HERE.

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8 responses to “Ardwulf Unplugged Episode 01: D&D Online

  1. After listening to this a couple more times as a whole, I think I sound like I’m reading, even though it wasn’t scripted and I didn’t even have any notes for it. Go figure.

    On the plus side, I was happy with the music cues and the final fade. It would have been better with video.

  2. Didn’t sound scripted at all and the fade was perfect. I thought I heard music while you were speaking and I really think that was a nice touch. It would be nice if it was a little louder though.

    Or maybe I’m going deaf at 28 😦 and if thats the case I blame pick up raid leaders screaming in vent!

  3. I enjoyed it as well. My only complaint is that I wish it were longer. I realize this is a minicast, but I guess I’ve gotten used to settling in for a little while with a podcast.

    At any rate, I’m certainly looking forward to more.

  4. @Randolph: YouTube limits me to ten minutes anyway, so it couldn’t get too much longer.

    @Caffo: That is the plan, yes. In fact, the audio is recorded separately for exactly this purpose. This is pending my scraping enough money together to pay for podcast hosting. This will also enable me to make the shows as long as I want.