Contributing to Ardwulf’s Lair

You’ll notice a new addition to Ardwulf’s Lair today: the “Donate” button atop the sidebar. Clicking the button will take you to a secure PayPal site, where you can donate as little (or as much) as you like.

I don’t make any money from blogging, I’m actually okay with that, and intend to continue doing so as long as the enterprise remains fun. What I would like is for this site to become better — and that’s going to take some cash that I can’t spare out of pocket money right now. A dedicated domain (which would enable a host of additional features and enhancements,) podcasting hosting space, and maybe some better software for doing things like editing graphics and video are where I intend to have the money go.

I don’t need a wheelbarrow full of cash, and my personal circumstances are not dire – but it would be awfully nice to see this effort be a self-sustaining enterprise. Just a few bucks here and there would be a big help, and a very small number of people making very modest donations could enhance Ardwulf’s Lair tremendously.

Meanwhile, I promise to keep blogging regardless of the success or failure of the donation effort. At this point, I figure, however small my readership, after two years and over 500 blog posts (several novels by word count — and it’s been a while since I last checked that,) everybody should know that I’ll be around for the duration.


One response to “Contributing to Ardwulf’s Lair

  1. I tried this a while ago and nothing ever was donated 😦 So, I ended up going with targeted advertising to search traffic. It pays enough to allow me to purchase a micro-transaction here and there and damn what anyone thinks!