An Upgrade in Mining

Mining in an industrial is low-maintenance, but efficient it ain’t. This morning I broke out my new Scythe mining cruiser, which when equipped with three mining lasers is making short work of those nefarious asteroids. This method is about four times more efficient than mining in the Wreathe.

I also crunched some numbers and found that: a) it’s marginally more profitable for me to refine my own ore and sell the minerals off rather than selling the bulk ore, even with my currently weak skills, and b) it’s marginally more profitable for me to mine Veldspar than it is Scordite, where I’m at right now. The money isn’t exactly booming in at the moment, but I’m working toward a mining barge and should be there in a matter of days.

Mayfly Making a Pickup

However, I also realized that this being the case, the next thing I’ll be working on will be Refining… so it’d make sense to sit a bit on my pile of ore until I pop down at least one more rank, and a little Veldspar Processing as well. With all this fussing, plus the fact that I’ll be away for the weekend, I finally got around to installing EVEMon again, which oddly enough is probably more useful with the new skill queue than it was before. Or perhaps I should say that the skill queue makes EVEMon easier to use as a planning tool.

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