Computer Woes

After a morning spent trying to troubleshoot some serious computer issues, it looks like my graphics card dropped a big loaf this morning. I am a bit distressed – but the thing is lifetime guaranteed. Spoke to an EVGA rep this morning and got an RMA number, so I should have a replacement sent out relatively quickly.

The bad news is that I’m out of business as far as gaming goes until probably the middle of next week. Not offline – there’s Mrs. Ardwulf’s computer plus the laptop that I’m using right now, both sturdily connected to the series of tubes.

I’m installing the EVE client right now – this machine ran the old classic client well enough to mine in hi-sec, so I’m hoping that it’ll fare well enough on the new client to at least get in and change skills over at minimum. Champions is likely down for the count until I get the main computer running again.

UPDATE: Confirmed that the video card is bricked. It’s off to EVGA via UPS, and I’m down for all meaningful gaming until what will probably be late next week at the earliest. The laptop runs the new EVE client… poorly. I can get in to switch skills out, though.


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