Status Update

Okay, couple of things:

My reinstatement appointment went pretty well, and the advisor I’m in contact with says he doubts there will be a problem with getting back in. I don’t want to jinx it, but it’s looking positive. I’m hoping to hear back within a week or so.

As mentioned yesterday, the replacement graphics card is a bust. I called EVGA again this morning and asked whether the replacement cards are new cards or refurbished ones, and it’s the latter. I expected this. What I did not necessarily expect was for the EVGA customer service ep to offer to send me a different card instead of another possibly-bad 8800 Ultra.

So it looks like I have a GTX 260 coming instead. This is good – while nowhere near the top-of-the-line GeForce card right now, it should give me performance very similar to, if not better than in some cases, the 8800 Ultra.

I’m not willing to sing EVGA’s praises quite yet – not until I have a working computer sitting on my desk (my motherboard doesn’t have integrated graphics and the only extra video card in the house is the one in Mrs. Ardwulf’s computer, so this thing is a boat anchor right now,) but I can’t really complain much so far.

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