Prospects for the Future

Regular readers here may recall me mentioning that, every six months or so, I tend to take a month or two off from MMOs. It’s never planned that way – I just end up needing a break after a while, and I usually return to something different than I left.

This time around, whether the break was involuntary or not, I was probably overdue. On the plus side, I’m doing a lot of reading, plenty of stuff around the house, and getting some things accomplished on my disparate writing and game design projects (loyal readers may recall that I’m designing – slowly – a tabletop RPG.) As an aside, blogging has helped me bone up on some HTML basics that are now helping me redesign my web page.

When I do get back to MMOs, I have a hankering to play some EQ2, which I’ve stayed away from for a while. I may not feel that way when it actually happens, but it’s a game I plan to get back to eventually, and the timing may work out so that the next expansion (which I really haven’t kept up on,) will be out shortly thereafter.

On the other hand, I was really getting into EVE until my PC took a dump. It’s the game I’ve wanted to be into the most, but have always failed at. (I missed a couple of wardecs against our corp as soon as I bailed.)

On the gripping hand, there’s school coming up, which I will need to pay a great deal of attention to. WoW works well with limited time invested, and I really probably should poke around the endgame for a bit before it gets overhauled.

We’ll see what happens.

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