Screw the Hiatus

One way or another, the long unwanted hiatus is over. My PC is still busted, but as an alternative to more weeks of not gaming at all, I’m looking instead at games I can play with my working hardware. To wit:

World of Warcraft. I’m not paying for it right now, but I started a trial and am fooling around with that, and can reactivate my main account for 7 days when I feel like it. More on this later, probably.

Mount & Blade. I picked this up many months ago and never got around to doing much with it because there were other games taking precedence. Not so now – so I installed it on the laptop and it runs suprisingly well, aside from a very annoying problem with some colors not showing up properly. I may try to trubleshoot this, but it’s not really affecting playability much – it’s just making the game look pretty ugly.

City of Heroes. I have had a CoH 30-day code sitting around for forever. CoH runs pretty okay on the laptop, so I plan to activate it as well as soon as I’m finished with whatever else I’m doing.

I may look into some free-to-play titles as well, starting with checking how well DDO runs on this thing. I suspect it will do okay, but there’s other options if it doesn’t.

Also, there’s a new podcast in the work. I hope to have it out early next week.

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