Ardwulf Unplugged Podcast Episode 03

The third show is in the can, despite all the trials and tribulations! It’s already on iTunes, or you can download the file from HERE. This is only about three days worth of news, plus a little bit on the older Warhammer news that I thought was important enough to talk about. This likely means that some future shows may be longer. Feedback, as ever, is appreciated.

Show Notes

  • Running Time: 8:42
  • What I’m playing: World of Warcraft, Audiosurf, Mount & Blade
  • Dominion Expansion launched for EVE Online
  • Siege of Mirkwood Expansion launched for Lord of the Rings Online
  • Warhammer Online Death Spiral: Endless Trial (Free Tier 1 play,) more server merges
  • Mythos Nearing launch, new Mythos website
  • NCSoft News: More Korean money down the drain
  • CrimeCraft banned in Australia
  • Music for this episode: Planet Chemical by kil the king

Also: Did anyone have an issue downloading the last episode (02) from iTunes?

UPDATE: The aforementioned iTunes issue may have been a one-time bug. But if anyone has a problem, let me know.


One response to “Ardwulf Unplugged Podcast Episode 03

  1. Enjoying the podcast enough to listen through all your episodes you’ve made so far…

    With regards to Mirkwood skirmish system, I should say that skirmishes actually function a little different than you think.

    You are still you in a skirmish. You just get a soldier companion character that you can *also* level up. Also, they are all PVE instances that let you play with the difficulty level, level of the mobs, or group size.

    So far, I think the skirmishes are great! I did the same skirmish 16 times in a row in solo mode just for something fun to do while talking on the phone.