Various Items:

  • Parts of Ardwulf Unplugged Episode 04 are already recorded, including a new rant segment. No, it’s not about Aion, at least this time. However, there is a sterling YouTube review of Aion HERE. The creator of said video also has a number of other videos worth watching.
  • Episode 04 is looking like the longest so far. It will likely still be under 15 minutes unless some huge news breaks in the next couple of days. I’m shooting to record on Monday. The idea is to release weekly, but I’m being a bit vague on the whole schedule thing right now.
  • For those who don’t know, I’m on Facebook. If you want to friend me, that’s cool, but identify yourself as such so I don’t let any jerkwads in by mistake. If you don’t generally post replies to this blog, do so on this post so I know who’s who.
  • There’s a giant flood of SWTOR info out today, much of which deals with the last two classes to be revealed. I’m not even going to link anything, much less paw through all that data myself. SWOTOR awesome, yadda, yadda yadda. The details are in your feedreader.
  • Word is that patch 3.3 for WoW will be rolling out next week. Should this prove to be the case I will likely use the opportunity to reactivate my account for free for a week. Still no idea what I’ll do with my 80.
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9 responses to “Miscellany

  1. You do realize that the review you linked was of version 1.0, when the game is 1.51 now. You might as well review WoW pre-BC while youre at it.

    Otherwise love your blog. Don’t understand the Aion hate. Except I hate Dragon Age and Darkfall yet have only played one of those games, so can’t exactly prejudice you your opinions.

  2. I’ve cooled off quite a bit on the Aion thing, actually, to the point where I’m willing to give it another chance. Eventually, as in when there’s a free trial available, which I don’t expect to happen soon. (NCSoft tends to be kind of stingy with free trials, although I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s one offered in the Guild Wars 2 retail box.)

    I did think the linked review, old or not, was pretty funny, and the guy doing the vids warranted a shout-out for that and his other stuff.

  3. Yeah it was a funny review in retrospect…I stopped at the jumping in the water part since I knew that at least has been repaired (all water is knee deep in that zone).

    I absolutely have to agree though about 1-10 – such a waste of time and mind numbingly boring. Can do it in under an hour now though :p

  4. Wow, a review of a beta that is very unbiased, how original. I am going to assume the rest of his videos are just as bad as that one and take a pass on watching them.

  5. Ok, so I watched the other two Aion videos and they were not all that bad. I obviously took the first video way to seriously when he said it was unbiased, and for that I apologize. For a game that I don’t play anymore myself, I sure did come across as a jerk.

  6. Yeah, he teased quite a bit especially in the first one, but there’s pretty clearly stuff he liked about the game as well. I took the vid titles as a clear way of saying they were not going to be unbiased. Regardless of my own feeling on it, I found them very amusing. Some of his WoW vids are pretty funny as well.

    That said, I am not sure I would call eliminating all the water deeper than a foot “fixing the swimming issue”.

  7. hehe WoWfony has some great videos and his aion ones are funny. If you look past the humour alot of what he says rings true…. Im gonna have to link them on my blog because they are just too funny 🙂