Ship vs. Kraken!

All things considered, I’m pretty neutral on Darkfall. I’m sure I’ll get around to trying it at some point. But I have to admit that the action shown in this video, a ship’s crew against a Kraken, is pretty damn cool.

Thanks to SynCaine for the pointer.

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2 responses to “Ship vs. Kraken!

  1. Very cool video. I have it up on Corpse Run as well as another Kraken video I have found. I have yet to find the creature since the servers went up and I am not sure if I want to!

  2. It does look cool, the animations are a bit crap but kudos to them for doing things a bit different (dont tell Syn I said that). I’d like to see the kraken actually pull the ship down rather than it just flailing about….. still a bit awesome to see it in an MMO though

    I was actually going to buy Darkfall down to SynCaines musings but Fallen Earth for half price on steam was too good to pass up on and to be honest Fallen Earth is gonna keep me occupied for a fair ammount of time id expect. I’ll maybe give Darkfall a try when the free trials arrive.