Ardwulf Unplugged Podcast Episode 04

Blockbuster show, over twice as long as previous shows. Available on iTunes. Direct download link HERE.

This episode is closer to how I originally envisioned the show. By that I mean that I get to go off and rant a bit, giving the podcast a different tone than the blog. I recorded one rant segment, and another grew into a rant in the recording process. Enjoy!

Show Notes

  • Ardwulf News: Still sick, now with nasal. Neither rain nor sleet and all that stuff.
  • Now playing: Waiting on Mount & Blade, Audiosurf, World of Warcraft, Portal. Plan to play: Fallen Earth.
  • New RSS Feed.
  • Review/Rate Ardwulf Unplugged on iTunes!
  • The Worldplay Research Initiative.
  • Dork Beats WoW. Demented and Sad Armory profile HERE.
  • New Guild Wars 2 Trailer.
  • Final SWTOR classes announced.
  • EVE Online 4th Council of Stellar Management Elections concluded. RESULTS.
  • Hellgate: Resurrection. Hellgate: Tokyo Trailer.
  • Blizzard News: WoW Patch 3.3. Blizzard games now on Facebook.
  • Darkfall “Expansion,” Conquest of the Seas now live.
  • DDO Catacombs Trailer. Ardwulf unimpressed.
  • Keeping an eye on Allods Online. Korean MMOs suck.
  • Ardwulf Rants: Warhammer Online. A bit more freeform than the rest of the podcast.
  • MMO Blog Post of the week: The Ultimate Sandbox MMO. Also a rant about sandbox MMOs and why some in the MMO commentator class claim to want sandbox games, then ignore them when they arise.
  • Music this week is “Happy Life” by InspiredBM.
  • Running Time: 23:12.
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3 responses to “Ardwulf Unplugged Podcast Episode 04

  1. Hi this is Suzina of the KillTenRats blog and Galactic Holofeed (a SWTOR podcast). Thanks for being so dutiful with the linking me.

    The ping-back on the link is how I found your show, and as of right now I’m listening to the episode. 🙂

  2. Regarding show length:
    15m max would be perfect, in my opinion. I’ve already had to drop a few shows from my weekly listening because podcasters tend to run way too long by getting way too far off topic.

    Regarding EVE/sandbox:
    While I admit that EVE is a good example of a sandbox game, the reason *I* don’t like it is not because I don’t enjoy the sandbox features it offers (in fact, they excite me) but because EVE online has the most boring game mechanics out there. The mechanics of actually playing the game – even combat – are all of the “click and wait” variety, with absolutely nothing to get the blood pumping.

    I don’t think that sandbox gameplay has to completely preclude exciting and engaging game play mechanics…. however people who want BOTH are currently out of luck.

  3. Why is the Darkfall expansion not an “expansion”? Because it doesn’t increase the level cap? MMOs have been calling tiny addons Expansions since the dawn of the industry. You mentioned Warhammer, made by Mythic, I’ll mention DAoC, made by Mythic. When they added housing, just housing, they called it a free expansion. The Darkfall expansion completely changed the way the game is played and added so many more things to do in the game, I can’t understand how it wouldn’t be called an expansion.

    And you say it as if they do it a lot. There have only been two expansions. Just two. The first one, adding housing, which is huge, but it wasn’t even the biggest thing on the list.