Inactive EQ2 Accounts Enabled

I got the story from OpenEdge. If you’ve a hankering, go check on your old EQ2 accounts!


6 responses to “Inactive EQ2 Accounts Enabled

  1. I think the decision as whether to give EQ II one more shot just got made for me. As soon as I get through Mirkwood, I’m definitely heading to AB to look around.

  2. Hey just to let everyone know… not all accounts are activated…. (mine isn’t as well as someone else who posted on the link)… Is there any official release or comment on this from soe?

  3. A glance at EQ2Players does not show me an official announcement – but then, SOE never seems to promote this kind of thing. However, they way this usually works is it applies to accounts that have been inactive for some period.

  4. Heya
    I see you are back to writing bits and pieces…Miss you blogging though.
    Anyways…this was really weird. I wonder if there is a time limit on the accounts?
    For example, my wife and I had not played for about a year…so maybe your account needs to be a year old?
    Others were enabled, and some were not. As well, I never got an email. I decided to try it after seeing someone Tweet it.

    Thanks Twitter

    Anyways. Will be back to checking out your stuff, and podcast now..