Ardwulf Unplugged Podcast Episode 05

As promised, episode #5! That I felt a bit run down by the process of creating it, but I blame that on the (hopefully) final dwindling of whatever it is that’s kept me under the weather for weeks.

Should be available any time on iTunes, and available for direct download HERE.

Show Notes

  • Ardwulf News: Playing WoW, along with Soul of the Ultimate Nation and Earth Eternal. Some discussion of WoW’s new Dungeon Finder tool.
  • More mutterings about show length.
  • Top Story: Stargate Worlds is now Stargate: Resistance, a 3rd-person Shooter.
  • Dust 514 to include RTS elements.
  • EverQuest II Producer’s Letter from Alan “Brenlo” Crosby.
  • FunCom spins off Sweet Robot to do kid-friendly casual games.
  • LotRO to get increased hardware requirements.
  • BioWare announces voice talent for Mass Effect 2.
  • Runes of Magic Best International PC Game of 2009 by the German Game Developer Awards.
  • WoW News: 3.3, Armory Enhancements and Fall of the Lich King Trailer.
  • Listener Mail from Andrew. More discussion of the sandbox.
  • Blog Post of the Week: Sandbox Envy by SynCaine.
  • This Week’s Music: “Past Within the Future” by Fractals.
  • Running Time: 21:30.
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7 responses to “Ardwulf Unplugged Podcast Episode 05

  1. Hey Man,

    Enjoying the show, keep it up! I’m curious though, are you cutting out bits of silence in your speech? Just wondering.

    – Chris

  2. I’m cleaning it up a bit. There’s at least one spot in this show where the transition was kind of bad, but I couldn’t fix it without re-recording, and by that time the whole thing was in the can.

  3. AFAIK Stargate Resistance isn’t a replacement for SG:W – it’s a money-making exercise to try and drum up interest and revenue for SG:W. There’s been very little official announcments for SG:W I agree, but no ‘its been cancelled’ thing yet.

  4. Hey there,

    Thanks for fielding my comment from the last show – it was both unexpected and appreciated.

    I guess I didn’t make myself clear in my email, because unfortunately you misunderstood the source of my frustration with EVE Online (which I played for 10 days of my 14 day trial, btw).

    What I can’t get into with EVE Online is the *MECHANICS* of playing the game…. which has nothing to do with the “pace” of the game per se, and everything to do with the minute-to-minute act of playing. I’m totally fine with the ebb and flow of activity and events being stretched out; what I’m not okay with is the terrible way the player is forced to constantly wait for the game to act out whatever command they last input.

    For example, space travel in EVE is probably the worst offender. To get from point A to point B you map out a series of jumps, set a waypoint, and then start to travel. (So far, so good). But the act of traveling is mindnumbing: you find the gate on your list, click to warp within 50m (or whatever) and then WAIT passively for 30s-5m depending on the distance involved. Once close to the gate you click the gate, and chose to warp, which again forces you through some passive do-nothing time as you coast close enough to warp. For a long flight this process is repeated over and over.

    Combat isn’t much better: you examine your target(s), choose an orbit distance (usually), select which weapons and defenses to turn on and against which foes, and then wait while the battle resolves itself. In some rare occasions you may need to intervene… but not frequently.

    Every other system in EVE is the same: click and wait.

    I loved the character I created in the game, and had a good plan for what *I* wanted to do in the game world, but in the end the actual play mechanics in EVE were just too non-interactive to keep me engaged and playing.

    Now – I think that Darkfall would be a lot better – open world + engaging play mechanics – but I’m not about to pay for a game without first trying a free demo, and so far Aventurine has not put one out. I hold similar hopes for Mortal Online, however it is still months (or longer) away from release, and I have no idea if they’ll put out a free demo to try to hook players.

  5. Regarding travel in Eve, most players use autopilot to map the course then turn AP off and use warp to 0 by selecting the next gate from the overview list list, which makes travel much faster and safer. It is still mind numbing, but not as much.

    Also, the combat tactics change in Eve as you get into bigger and better ships. While orbiting at high speeds is how you fight in frigates, once you get into cruisers and higher the fight changes into long range and more strategic engagements. Like any combat in MMO it still gets repetitive after a while, but it also different depending on size and numbers, so whatever you have experienced at at first 10 days is just a small taste of what the combat can be.

    Eve lasted me only 3 months before i got bored with it, but it was definitely a much deeper game than what you experience at the beginning. I think i gave up on it because of how hard it was to get into corporations, the entire earning trust in a world of cons did not make it easier for lowbie to get into the more social and interesting parts of the game. This barrier of entry is what makes most sand box PvP games such a niche market anyway 😛

  6. @Luk:
    that’s exactly the process I described. Autopilot would mean setting your destination and then walking away from your PC for 10-60 minutes, depending on how far you go. The game is really inefficient doing that.

    Regarding combat, while I’ve heard the same thing said by my buddy who is an EVE junkie, when I’ve watched him do it it’s not all that different. I look to games like DDO, Spellborn, and even WoW as the type of MECHANICS I’m looking for in the actual act of playing an MMO.

    while I desperately want that extra intellectual layer on top of the combat system (which none of those three games I mentioned really have), I can’t get into a game that is entirely comprised of that stuff, at the expense of actual fun minute-to-minute game play.

    This is why I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Mortal Online, and would KILL for a Darkfall free trial.