Ardwulf Unplugged Podcast Episode 06

Number 6 in the can! This will be the final podcast of 2009, thanks to pressing holiday business. I plan to do the next one in the first week of January. There is a possibility that you will see a special episode in the meantime, but no promises.

As usual, the show should be available on iTunes, and the direct download link will be HERE once the feed refreshes.

Show Notes

  • Last show of 2009… happy holidays to all!
  • Playing WoW, Audiosurf, Guild Wars.
  • Metaplace to Close January 1st.
  • Aion to introduce bonus XP weekends.
  • City of Heroes offers free character transfers for the holidays.
  • EverQuest II to launch cross-server PvP Battlegrounds. WTF?
  • D&D Online pushing out second major content update since going free-to-play. Dire possibilities in the Hasbro-Atari lawsuit.
  • EVE Online offers new freebie exploration ship, free 5-day reactivation and YouTube Exploration Tutorials.
  • New Producer’s letter, and new producer, for Warhammer Online.
  • Blog Post of the Week: “Eating Crow With Guild Wars” by Rog at NecroRogIcon.
  • This week’s music: “Staring at the Sea” by Recycler.
  • Running Time: 15:10.
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