Christmas 2009 Loot Report

So what all gaming-related stuff appeared magically this year? For me the fat bastard finally dropped a Playstation 3, along with enough credit at the friendly neighborhood Best Buy to pick up a couple of games. It feels funny to be joining the ranks of console gamers; while there’s certainly a list of games I’d like to get, I’m still undecided on what to pick up. I plan on firing the new toy up tomorrow; I’ll be sure to report how it goes.

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4 responses to “Christmas 2009 Loot Report

  1. For me, the choice between PS3 and 360 came down to wireless and Blu-Ray for the same price; you can get the 360 cheaper, but without a hard drive, and the Elite (with 120 GB hard drive, same as the PS3,) or you can pay the same price for it and not get the wireless or Blu-Ray. The game selection I thought was a wash – if anything I favored the 360 for Mass Effect.

    Now have Beatles; Rock Band, Fallout 3 and GTA4, by the way.