Time is Short

For those not in the know, I started classes this week, and have been insanely busy with a variety of stuff since getting home from Cleveland, which is why there’s been no podcast even though I have enough notes accumulated now for about a show and a half. I should be able to assemble a show over the weekend.

There have been… difficulties with paying for school. Tuition is due on the 1st Friday of the term, and until yesterday it was looking like I’d have to drop everything until, rather unexpectedly, my financial aid came through. I don’t have money in hand yet, but it turns out that I can actually wait until the end of the third week to pay before I get dropped from classes, and things should sort themselves out by then. Bluntly, aside from the PS3, this is the best news I’ve had in months (though it arrived at roughly the same time as some bad news that I won’t go into.)

I might also mention that I saw Avatar over the holiday. I was very happy with it; James Cameron is not the world’s most original storyteller, but he’s a very skillful one. See it in 3-D if at all possible; that technology has came a long way since the days of “Meteors – in your face!” and it’s used to fantastic effect in this film.

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2 responses to “Time is Short

  1. Avatar…still won’t recommend that movie to anyone. About 1hr too long IMO fir the mind-numbingly boring story it had to tell.

  2. Glad to hear you’ve had at least a little good news mixed in with some bad. I’ve enjoyed reading your updates, and hope you continue to keep us posted! Hugs.