What’s Happening

School is taking top priority right now. I’m taking two classes: Math (Precalc) and Latin. Latin is going fine and I’m enjoying it, but I feel a bit behind in the math class. There’s a quiz this week which will, I guess, show me whether I’m right or not. Meanwhile, time constraints resulting from school have kept me from the podcast since early January. I hope to get a show done this weekend.

My long-broken gaming PC is going to be in the shop very shortly; hopefully by this time next week it will be fixed and running again. Finally.

Whenever that happens I have a couple of things to put on the slate immediately, but resubbing to WoW, EVE or EQ2 is probably going to wait a bit. First up is likely to be Allods Online; I got an invite to Closed Beta #4 today. After watching a bunch of videos and reading about it, Allods is actually the title I’m most interested in right now. Expect to hear some talk about it either here or on the podcast.

I also have a trial key for Fallen Earth, and I’m itching to try that out. Aside from these two, there’s DDO and Guild Wars to play, plus Dragon Age on the PS3. I lack not for stuff to do.

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One response to “What’s Happening

  1. Nice to hear about the pc, I’ve missed your MMO musings. I have chuckled at your facebook grumblings over coffee and flat tires 🙂

    If your doing the trial for Fallen Earth I’d advise you to wait and concentrate exclusively on FE to get the most out of the 10 days rather than juggle two MMOs.