Happy Happenings

This is actually the first blog post I’m writing at school, so I’ll keep it brief.

A friend gifted me with a 19″ CRT so I don’t have to be dependent on borrowing Mrs. Ardwulf’s monitor. Mine is in the post to Asus, but I don’t expect to get it back for at least a few weeks. Meanwhile, the CRT, while bulky, works just fine.

Meanwhile, I have been updating a bunch of different games, including DDO, Champions Online and WoW, although I have to plans to immediately return to the latter. I also installed the Fallen Earth client in preparation for playing a trial on that. Mostly I’ve been playing Mass Effect, with a little bit of Team Fortress 2. Oddly, I’m having trouble getting Audiosurf to run in fullscreen; maybe it’s unhappy with the resolution I’m running or something.

I have midterms on Friday and next Tuesday. I feel very comfortable where I’m at in Latin, not so much with Math. But I’m working on that tonight.

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4 responses to “Happy Happenings

  1. Major kudos for doing all that work. I don’t know what to wish you better luck on: your midterms or getting all those games patched up in a timely manner? 🙂