Now Fully Functional

Exam prep proceeds apace; the workload for both of my classes is actually fairly heavy. This problem was exacerbated by my not getting the math textbook until the third week of class.

Anyway. Fallen Earth is ready to activate, but I want to wait until two things are finished before diving into it: Midterms and this year’s income taxes, which need to be complete in order to file for Federal student aid, meaning that I have to get them done fairly early this year instead of waiting until the last minute.

I still, inexplicably, am having trouble getting Audiosurf to run in fullscreen, and in a window it’s noticably less fun (I hate playing games in windowed mode.) This may be tied somehow to the different screen resolution I’m running at on the interim monitor; on the LCD this was not a problem. If so, it’s no biggie; I can just wait to play it until the LCD is back in my hands. Curious.

I’m playing Steam stuff comparatively heavily right now; meaning Team Fortess 2, mostly, but I’m also dabbling with Portal again; which I nearly finished on the laptop. But I figured I’d start over from scratch on the gaming PC for a superior experience. And I’m playing Mount & Blade. Which right now is confined to practice with the tutorials and the quick battles until I get the hang of fighting from horseback, which is a key skill in the game, and which I’m not all that good at when the targets are moving. Archery from horseback is particularly difficult (as you’d expect.)

For anyone who’s taken Latin, by the way, the vid below is about five times funnier than for those who haven’t.

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2 responses to “Now Fully Functional

  1. That is one of my favorite scenes from the movie. If you have the DVD (I do) the audio commentary is pretty good. It turns out that John Cleese taught Latin for a while after University and other members of the team were quite sure this was exactly the type of teacher he was.

  2. Mount & Blade is a real winner – hard to believe its basically an indie… Those quick battles on horseback are insanely frustrating, in a good way but. Maybe one day we’ll see the (ahem) massively multiplayer version.