Two Games Finished, After a Fashion

Last night, starting from the beginning and taking a little under 3 hours, I finished Portal. It’d been sitting around for a good long time waiting for me to play – and as we should all know by now, it’s a terrific game with a very satisfying ending. I know it’s short, but given my short attention span, for me to actually finish a game is rather a big deal.

I also installed Assassin’s Creed, which I’d picked up on Black Friday for $5 against the glorious day when my PC was back up and running. I know Assassin’s Creed is said to have had issues. I know the sequel is supposed to be better. But hey, $5.

That said, I shan’t be bothering with it again, and will be uninstalling it forthwith. Not only does it have a ham-handed and unnecessary framing device, but the dialogue is both clunky and unrepresentative of not only the action of the game, but of dialogue spoken in the preceding line. And most damningly, the control scheme for the PC port is a complete assbiscuit. I’d guess that it works better either on a console or with a console-style controller.

It looks terrific, and the actual gameplay seems like it’d be fairly cool if it weren’t being constantly interrupted by clumsy cut-scenes. And the Crusades are one of the historical periods in which I have a great interest (the Italian Renaissance not so much; thus my lesser interest in the sequel.) I may eventually pick it up for the PS3 and try it there, but with the PC iteration I am most assuredly not impressed.

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5 responses to “Two Games Finished, After a Fashion

  1. ive had more problems with those Steams sales games then even $5 was worth. Jade Empire – aweful console port with no mouse support. Dead Space – my screen spins out of control as if I were madly swiping the mouse. Havent tried Red Faction:Geurilla yet because I enjoyed the couple hours I played on the Xbox version (as a rental), and don’t want to be disappointed yet again.

  2. Portal is the most infuriating game I have ever loved. Portal and I have had a love hate relationship. I don’t really like puzzle games but it was so ingenious I felt drawn to it and to complete it.

    When Assassin’s creed first came out I was anxious to try it out. It was so graphic intensive however that at least at the time our computers couldn’t handle it reliably.


  3. @coppertopper: Wait, you mean JE was crap on the PC? Or on the console?

    Where I’m at right now is to prefer 1st-person games on the PC, and 3rd-person games on the console (Generally, with all else being equal. Mass Effect and Dragon Age are exceptions that I prefer – or would prefer – on the PC.)

    @Julie: I’m not much of a puzzle guy myself. And some of the puzzles in Portal were frustratingly complex and/or highly dependent on timing, which gets into the twitchy area that I, as a guy with terrible reflexes, am not too keen on generally.

    Still, it’s a great game.

  4. The PC version. You don’t even see a mouse icon although you can choose certain menus by left clicking where you think your mouse pointer is :p Wouldnt even run at first – but thanks to the Steam forums someone figured you have to point your shortcut somewhere different then the default install spot. This is due to the Steam trying to act as a doorman for all these older games – messes with their addled heads.