Status Report

I’ve been playing a little bit of Allods Online; with the wipe at the start of the new round of Closed Beta, I had to start over anyway (from about level 9,) so I’m checking things out from the League side this time, which has much more of a high fantasy feel (as opposed to the very Soviet Steampunk thing that the Empire has going on.)

The Fallen Earth client is installed and ready to start my trial. However, that’s on the back burner just this second, although I expect to get to it within a week or three.

The reason for this is that I’ve been playing Mass Effect. With the sequel having come out at just about the same time my PC got fixed, and with me also getting a taste for this kind of game by playing Dragon Age on the PS3, I’d been wanting to play it. I’m now about 12 hours into the game, and probably a third of the way through the game’s story, I figure, playing a Soldier and tending strongly towards Paragon actions. I’m following a fair number of the side quests, but I’m not being excessively completist about it. I’m very impressed with the game thus far – I even like the Mako gameplay, even though the controls (it must be admitted) are pretty crappy, because I get a huge-ass cannon to blow stuff up with.

Oh, and Asus shipped my monitor back to me. It should arrive on Friday according to FedEx, at which point we’ll see how it works; I’d much rather be playing on my widescreen LCD than on this huge, desk-hogging CRT.

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