Adventures in Eberron

I’ve been fairly busy of late, which has kept me from posting much over the last two weeks. I have, however, managed to get some quality gaming in.

I’ve been playing a bit of Half Life 2, which, amazingly, I’d never really done before except to fiddle around. It’s pretty cool (yeah, I know that I’m very late to the party on this.) Sooner or later I’m going to buckle down and finish it.

I’m taking a break from Allods Online for a little bit with the start of open beta. I think it’s a pretty good game that I will definitely get back to, but I’m in no particular rush.

I have also, over the last three or four days, been playing quite a lot of D&D Online. My recent sampling of Allods Online has inevitably made me compare the two, and that unfair contest comes out strongly in DDO’s favor. I’m working on putting together a once-weekly static group, and in the meantime doing some soloing and duoing with Mrs. Ardwulf (who I am trying to sell on the game,) and a local buddy who’s playing. It’s a ton easier to sell people on playing an MMO with you when the MMO is free.

I’d expect that once we get going (planned for next week,) you’ll be seeing pretty regular play reports from me for as long as the experiment lasts. Maybe I’ll even get (gasp!) a podcast out of it. Spare quiet time (i. e. without a lot of noise in the house,) is the issue there, more than anything else.

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3 responses to “Adventures in Eberron

  1. Sorry to rain on your parade, but, you should check out the MT prices in Allod’s cash shop first before you decide to play it any further 🙂