Allods Online Q&A

The nice folks from Allods Online recently let me ask some questions about their game. Here they are, and here are the answers. I may have some commentary on this as well, but I’ll let the answers stand by themselves for now.

It’s often thought that subscription-based MMOs offer more value than free-to-play titles. What does Allods Online offer to be able to compete with the established games like EverQuest II and World of Warcraft?

Besides the obvious answer of our Astral Ships and epic Astral battles, Allods Online also offers a very rich storyline with compelling content, amazing art, and even a mini game built in that lets you play against other teams in a six on six game of Goblinball!

At launch, how big will the world of Allods Online be? How many zones, subzones, etc? Can you tell us about the variety of different environments?

Currently, there is over 20 zones, 2 capitols, 8 instances, 1 raid, and many, many Astral Isles that have yet to be discovered! And the climates of our zones range from lush jungles, harsh deserts, and even frozen tundras.

Can you explain the thinking behind the fatigue bonus XP system and how it works?

Fatigue is bonus XP that a player collects from doing quests and defeating enemies and once a player has Fatigue built up, he can speak with a Goblin Innkeeper to rest and convert it into regular XP. We like to liken it to a certain rest XP in a different game.

What can you tell us about how PvP will work in Allods Online? Will there be PvP-oriented servers? What levels will be able to PvP, or will have dedicated areas for doing so? Is there going to be a “rogue” system of some kind in place, whereby gankers, et. Al. will be specially flagged? Will there be scale caps for PvP in place, limiting the number of players who can participate?

PvP is something that we constantly discuss as is it a hot topic amongst both the community and our team and we’re always working towards finding a solution.

What kinds of things will be available to players via the game’s micro transactions, besides what’s available in the in-game store already? Will these be cosmetic or optional items or will microtransactions have a tangible effect on a character’s ability to progress through content? Are there any parts of the game that will not be open to players who elect not to use the microtransactions?

We understand just how complex managing an Item Shop in a subscriptionless game can be and we’re being extremely careful not to introduce items that will allow players to buy their success in the game. We want to sell items that will assist players throughout their adventures such as talent and profession respecs, bags, XP boosts, and mystery boxes as well as some of the more cosmetic items such as costumes and fireworks.

What plans do the developers have for the future of Allods Online? A higher level cap? New races, classes or crafting professions? New zones?

We can’t reveal everything that we have up our sleeves, but trust us when we say that it’s going to be really fun and great!

Is there a projected launch date?

We are pleased to announce that the Allods Online Open Beta will go live on February 16th! All content will be available and players will not need a beta key to log in!

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  1. Interviews are for sissies. Oh wait, not they aren’t. Don’t you like it when you get a flaky answer? Still, some interesting tidbits here. Thanks for sharing this.