D&D Online Static Groups Forming – and Recruiting

It appears that my expectations for what I could throw together as a static group in D&D Online were overly cautious.

I currently have 6 solid players and two maybes, with two others expressing interest. It looks as though we might be able to put together two groups. If anyone is interested in joining, things are mostly set up already, and we intend to start play next week. So if you are interested in playing DDO once a week for 2-4 hours, e-mail me ASAP. I may not be able to play personally on multiple nights, but I will be happy to be the organizer for those who can.

Here are the details:

  • For those who don’t know, DDO is now free to play. You can spend money on various things in the cash shop, but a lot of that can also be earned during play. My official position on the matter is that nobody participating will ever be required to spend money. I will highly discourage anyone from leaning on anybody else to spend money. This does not preclude discussion of the matter, however.
  • This operation is a couple of static groups, not a formal ‘guild’ in the usual sense. However, I do have a guild in place, and we may as well use it to coordinate efforts.
  • Argonessen is the server of choice.
  • We currently have a group of 6 which will be playing on Tuesday evenings, 9-midnight (ish) EST. There are four additional people who have expressed interest. This is almost enough to start a second group right there, if everybody comes through.
  • Timeslot for the second group is open to discussion, which can happen in e-mail (which I will manage,) or in the comments to this post.
  • I will ask that if you commit to a timeslot, try your best to make that timeslot, and if your availability changes, let me know ASAP so we can fill any slots that open up and get you back into the rotation as quickly as possible.
  • If somebody wants to play in more than one timeslot, that’s cool, but use a different character. (Although there’ll probably be room for fill-ins sometimes.) And be prepared to yield that slot to somebody who we need to fit in, if necessary. Bear in mind that a third group could also be started at that point.
  • Our voice chat platform will be Skype, at least for the time being.
  • I can be contacted in-game via my characters Rafian and Hrakn. Rafian can offer guild invites. Both are on Argonessen.

Addendum: My e-mail address is in the sidebar. The guild is “Disciples of Tharizdun,” making it one of the cooler-named guilds in DDO! Those recognizing the reference get instant street cred.

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3 responses to “D&D Online Static Groups Forming – and Recruiting

  1. Not in the main group, but I’m trying to round up enough people to form a second group. If you’d like to meet us online tomorrow night, send a tell to Rafian or Hrakn.

  2. Sorry I missed you. I’ll look you up the next time I’m on Argo. If you have an update for the second team, please post here. Thanks!