Official Comment Policy

Don’t be an asshole. That’s all.

Tobold brought it up, so I figured I’d mention it. Over the 2 years and 4 months of this blog’s lifetime, I’ve had to “moderate” two, maybe three comments, aside from deleting obvious spam that made it through WordPress’ normally-good filter: one asswipe who followed me here from GAX for the temerity of suggesting that AoC was not a complete turd, and another cockroach who crawled out from under some rock or other. Even the Aion flap didn’t warrant me moderating any comments.

4 responses to “Official Comment Policy

  1. Hey AOC isnt that bad compared to Warhammer Online. I would take that anyday. HOW DARE YOU blah blah blah blah….meh

    So…your last DDO post was pretty cool gives me hope that maybe…just maybe…I can roll caster in that game one day and be happy.

  2. “one asswipe who followed me here from GAX for the temerity of suggesting that AoC was not a complete turd, ”

    I think the sentence is saying Ardwulf thinks AoC is not 100% shite…did I read that right?

    And what is funny is the game IS gaining momentum…even though it still has so many freaking issues it makes me hurt deep inside. (Funcom is what sucks)

    But, you are right…just, sometimes, for example, I like to give some people issues, like Keen and Graev for their need to seesaw on every game (“This game rocks” oh but “This game sucks”) and Stargrace for her need to attack because someone pegs her as a certain type of player (“You look like the type of player who loves housing”…SG “YOU’RE BANNED”)

    But, hey, I never call anyone names (Damn MMO players)


  3. Yeah I have pretty thick skin so pretty much publish any comment on my blog. Actually the only comment I was going to block was when tobold came over and began writting essays on my blog over our arguement regarding Fallen Earth… that however would have been more comedy value and my own personal enjoyment rather than him being an asshat.

    As for AoC I keep meaning to jump back into it when they offer up the free time but meh finding my cd and patching puts me off, not to mention Im still bitter over its release state.

  4. “Don’t be an asshole” is more difficult to define than you might think around these parts. I’d considering someone being an asshole when they make fun of a charity donation, someone else might see someone being an asshole if they use a bit of sarcasm to make a point.

    Comment moderation is silly unless the content posted is personal info or blatant spam. For everything else, let your readers decide how to deal with it (feed or ignore), because as a public blogger, you go into it knowing someone on the internet is going to disagree with you (sometimes in ways you don’t find too nice), even if you state that today the sky is blue.