Podcasting Issues

Huh. I have a podcast recorded pending final editing, but I just found out that GCast, who I was hosting through, is no longer accepting uploads.

Anybody have an alternate podcast hosting site that’s free?

2 responses to “Podcasting Issues

  1. yes, we use Podbean, but I signed up and paid a low fee for the standard service. It is well worth it

    We also used to use GCAST but they are gone, and also Podbean is much more professional


    It basically gives you a free wordpress site but with the ability to manage your FTP uploads and import them each cast, with an embeddable player. It also saves I-Tunes settings.

  2. Thanks – I’m looking at Podbean right now. Their paid option is not doable for me right now, but the free plan may be a good interim solution.