Darkfall Finally Offers Trials; Pundits Predict Imminent Cancellation

An interesting news tidbit arose today. Adventurine is offering 7-day trials in Darkfall for $1. Why it’s a buck instead of just free I can’t really say; the story over at OnlineMassivelyMultiplayer.com implies that Adventurine is in desperate straits. I don’t really see that as being the case unless there’s some mismanagement taking place behind the scenes that we’re not privy to.

For one thing, I’ve been keeping an eye on Xfire numbers for a while now and Darkfall has been generally trending upwards. On top of that, I note that the Darkfall starter package (the client and a month’s subscription,) still costs $49.98. For a game that’s now closing in on a year old and which is unashamedly trying to emulate the success story of EVE Online, the very first things I’d do if I were running things and desperate would be to open up free trials and knock the client price down to about $19.95. A lower price point increases sales – that’s high school-level economics.

Also, most MMOs offer trials unless they’re relatively new. How is Darkfall doing so, about a year after launch, a sign of desperation? Is Blizzard also desperate?

At any rate, if you’re interested in trying Darkfall but not interested in paying $50 to try it, which is a position I think many people are in (I certainly am,) click HERE if you’re in North America, or HERE if you’re in Europe.

PS: Syncaine is gonna have a field day with this.


3 responses to “Darkfall Finally Offers Trials; Pundits Predict Imminent Cancellation

  1. That site you linked to looks like a worm portal/scam site, not to mention the linked article is hilariously wrong in so many ways. Improving weapons graphics = game dying? Haha, that’s funny. Why the trial is $1 and not free is tomorrows post.

  2. I’ve removed the link just in case there is an actual issue with that site (which has been in my feedreader for quite a while now, for no really good reason.) Can’t be too careful.

  3. I thought DF has only two servers (one US, one EU)? Opening the floodgates to all comers for free could be problematic. Personally, I think it’s a good move – I’d be happy to pay as much as $5 for a paid trial to see if a game is worth playing. Requiring payment info up front might also allow them to let trial accounts have access to chat etc, instead of requiring that the accounts be crippled (as with many games’ free trials).