The Disciples Strike!

Last night, the Disciples of Tharizdun gathered upon Korthos Isle for their first batch of adventures. We were supposed to start at 9 PM, but there were a host of technical issues stemming apparently from DDO’s scheduled downtime yesterday, and then additionally some snags with Skype, which we’re using for voice chat, since DDO’s onboard voice seem unreliable. But thanks to some tech-savvy people in the group (thanks Kevin and Mike!) we got ourselves going by about 9:30.

We turned out to be a full group plus one extra, which is suboptimal, but we made it work. The Korthos Village content is quite easy anyway, especially since the extra guy played a fighter. We ended up doing all four Village dungeons three times, moving to to Elite difficulty, and by the end of the process we were all well into level 2.

Needless to say, with a full group we cut through even the elite content like a katana through a random passerby. I’m looking forward to the next round of dungeons, which will be more challenging, and then starting on the Stormreach Harbor stuff, which is more challenging still. Our goal for next week is going to be to finish up the Korthos Island content and kill that pesky white dragon.

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  1. Well, I don’t actually have a working mike or Skype, so while Skype’s easy enough to get and connect, I’d still be typing everything anyway. 😛