The DDO Solo Experiement Continues

Last night I put in about an hour and a half on Rafian, my currently 3rd level Ranger, and ran two dungeons solo, on Normal difficulty. Died once in each one, but it wasn’t so bad – fighting Kobolds is usually a lot of fun, since they die in droves (sometimes in one shot.) One death was due solely to my not bringing enough healing potions along.

Interestingly, while I completed both quests, I wasn’t able to explore the entire dungeon in either case, once because I couldn’t find a secret door, and another because my strength wasn’t high enough to open a stuck portal.

One of the neat little tabletop-ish touches in DDO is that your combat results are determined by a d20 roll – and the d20 actually appears on screen as part of the UI, with messages telling you that you missed, hit, or got a critical. You can also (in the UI settings options) change the color and style of the die displayed. It’s these kinds of look-and-feel tidbits that are making DDO more appealing the more I play.

Of course, at some point I expect progress to stall, as I run out of soloable content. Which hasn’t happened yet (and I have yet to try the hirelings,) but it may be on the horizon. Right now I’m at Rank 12 (this is two-fifths of the way to level 4,) and have done almost everything in the northern part of Stormreach Harbor, and a couple of things in the southern part. There’s still a fair bit to run through, but I’m not sure I’ll have enough to do to reach level 4 without repeating anything. Some of the remaining content may be chains (I’ve done one already,) and new stuff might open up as I complete the content that’s available right now, plus there a whole other Stormreach zone (the Marketplace,) that I have access to but haven’t done anything in yet.

The object here is to see just how far I can get before running out of soloable content, without repeating dungeons. The experiment will end when I do, or when the content becomes boring, or when I get cut out of a big percentage of it. So I may get stuck at level 4, but we’ll see. But Hirelings are fair game.

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8 responses to “The DDO Solo Experiement Continues

  1. “Of course, at some point I expect progress to stall, as I run out of soloable content”

    yes but will you actually have that happen? I was under the assumption that the new patch allowed EVERYTHING to be solo’d but with worse rewards?

    I mean I am not sure but that would suck if that happened.

  2. I think that went in several updates ago, actually. However, the way it works is that a new ‘solo’ difficulty level has been added to dungeons (in addition to new and old dungeons that were designed to be solo from the outset.) I’m playing everything at Normal difficulty.

    I did join a PUG for Kobold Assault, but that’s unsoloable and not representative of much of the content so far – and it’s challenging even with a group on anything higher than Normal (we ran it on Hard.)

  3. I’ll be really interested to see how far you get. I think I have gotten at least to level 5 solo, and that was before the last patch.

  4. On Thelanis I have a cleric that I soloed to level 4, more or less by running each dungeon 3x — on Solo, then Normal, then Hard. There were a (very) few I could solo the Elite also, and that got me up to 4. Joined a PUG doing the Waterworks and we did the entire quest series in there, and I was within 2,000 xp of being level 5. I was really surprised at how quickly that level went in a group. And yah, I did finish getting her to level 5 also 😉

    Is there a specific time you play in the evenings? I’ve got a couple of level 4 toons on Argonessen that we could duo with, if you’d like — you know the rogue/bard, of course since he’s in the guild, but I also have a wizard and a cleric too.

  5. I was on for a quite a bit last night as well, coincidentally also on my RNG, and didn’t see ya. I was checking periodically for you too, to get a /guild recruit.
    Add Zalandros to your friends list.