Korthos Conquered

Tuesday night the Disciples of Tharizdun finished up the Korthos Island content, running the Korthos wilderness area and completing the Explorer quest, the Slayer up to 200 mobs killed, and took down all of the rare spawns. We also did all three dungeons one each. This puts us just below 3rd level going into Stormreach Harbor.

More solo and quasi-solo stuff was done by me last night; I started a Wizard, normally a tough class to solo even in easy dungeons, got some help from one of the regular guys, and ran the Korthos village stuff. He’s just under level 2 at this point; he’ll get to be a lot of fun at level 3, when he starts getting level 2 spells.

We’re still having lots of fun with DDO; I hope to get us a little bit more organized moving forward.

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