Ardwulf’s Gaming Table is Moving!

For various reasons, I’m moving the recently-announced Ardwulf’s Gaming Table HERE, to Blogspot. Please adjust your subscription feeds accordingly. It may take me a couple of days to transfer the existing content over; after that I should have new material getting posted.

My apologies for any inconvenience – especially after only a week or so of AGT’s existence.

Note that Ardwulf’s Lair is NOT moving at this time. This blog is staying right where it is.

One response to “Ardwulf’s Gaming Table is Moving!

  1. I note I didn’t say this before, but: I am very pleased to see this. There’s a large MMO/”real gamer” crossover in Ireland, and I’m always glad to see blogs by MMO players that deal with tabletop RPGs.

    Indeed, I’ve a few posts coming up on dukestreet about tabletop.