Waterworks and Crashes

It’s been three weeks since I’ve posted a DDO update. We’ve been playing every week, but what with finals (A- and B- in Latin and Math, respectively,) and blogging over at Ardwulf’s Gaming Table, I haven’t managed to post.

This past week, short a player, we delved the deeps of the Waterworks, probably Stormreach Harbor’s most intricate dungeon, with several wings. There were some deaths that were recovered from in fairly short order and a whole bunch of nasty PC crashes on my part, but other than that it was a great deal of fun (I’m working on fixing the crash issue, which is clearly software-related.)

We ran about three-quarters of the whole place and will try to finish up next week. By then everyone should be at 4th level or better.

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5 responses to “Waterworks and Crashes

  1. It was a lot a fun. I took excellent fire trap to the face. hope to see everyone again on tuesday.

  2. Are you still doing the free parts ? I’m interested in this game but no little about it. Also what server are you on, I’ll make a character and join you guys.

    Also my schedule is devoted to gaming, so play times no problem.

  3. We are strictly in free content at the moment, on Argonessen. As we rack up the free Turbine Points we’ll probably use them on content eventually. Tuesday nights, 9 to about 11:30 EST, generally.

    Our primary group is full, but we have need of backups from time to time; send a tell to Rafian or Hrakn in-game.